Thursday, June 20, 2013

It only takes one dog...

Really. It only takes one dog to ruin everything you've done in a second. In case anybody is wondering, Isis got attacked today. For once in her life she didn't instigate. In fact, she didn't even see it coming. It was an accident and I completely understand that.

At the end of the hotel, in the last room are two pitbulls (Yes, both are APBTs) . One of the is human/ dog reactive and the other is just dog reactive. One of the kids in the room opened the door at the wrong time and wasn't able to keep the human/dog dog back. He came right for Isis and I. I quickly picked up Isis and slung her over my shoulder (quite a feat for someone as small as me). He made one lunge and got the back leg of Isis before I landed a swift kick to his chest. That got him thinking twice and his owner was able to grab him before he came back. His owner apologized profusely and made sure that we were both okay after I put Isis up.

But the damage is done, both physical and mental. Isis has 3 punctures and 1 gash while I'm just covered in scratches from Isis. But mentally, Isis has been set back from working with dogs. All the work I've done with dogs behind fences is probably ruined. My hope for another dog while Isis is around is diminished.

To be honest though, I'm glad Isis was the dog I had out instead of Jinx or Kratos. Kratos wouldn't have fought back and it would have ruined his like of other dogs. And Jinx? I wouldn't have been able to stop Jinx from tearing that dog a new one. I gave the owner the name of a trainer around here so he could look into it when he had the chance. Maybe it will help him and his dogs. That'll be good for both of us.

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