Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Training Calender for Isis' & Jinx's Training

My family is quite wonderful with allowing me to keep these two Boxers even though they have successfully turned our lives upside down. Now, my mother and brother are surprisingly much much more organized then I am. So, I naturally asked the for help when it came to making a schedule that I could use for Isis and Jinx. The calender is based off of a month with two separate sessions in the day. The first two weeks are for training each behavior while the last two weeks are for testing the dog's understanding of said behavior. The behaviors represented in the calender are based off of Sue Ailsby's New Training Levels. (Found for sale: Here) along with others that I'm using to curb and help Isis/ Jinx cope with their respective triggers. The links to those behaviors are also placed within the calender.

Now, all I ask is that this is used for personal use only and not for profit. I hope it helps anybody that is willing to use it. Below is a link to the PDF version. Have fun training!!

Training Calender-PDF Version

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