Friday, June 21, 2013

Training Goals for Jinx This Summer (2013)

I’m just sitting here thinking about my training goals for Jinx this summer. I really want to set some concrete goals for this year even though not all of them will get done within the summer. It's just making me really really want to be in the new house. You'll notice that a lot of the goals for Jinx are close to Isis' goals.
Here’s what I’m hoping will be accomplished with Jinx this summer:
  • Loose Leash-  Jinx is relatively good on the leash. She tends to get the leash tight when faced with scary people. I want to work towards her CGC and the heeling needs to be done.
  • Attention Work - Yep, just like with Isis, I've poisoned my "watch" command so I'm retraining my main attention command as "Eyes". I'll be using Sue Ailsby method that that.
  • 3 Passive Human Interactions - Jinx is terrified of new people so I'm looking to get her used to my father's business partner, his wife and their son at the very least. Hopefully no reactions on the walks will be part of this.
  • Zen - Food Zen to be precise. Jinx does not have very good control when it comes to food. In fact she is a food thief when it come the other dog's food. Well, mostly Isis' food, she leaves Kratos' food alone.
  • Nose Work - I'm going to be working with the 3 pups on Birch plus it will give them something to do and entertain their minds. Jinx is pretty nosy so this shouldn't be hard for her.
  • Go To Place/Crate - Jinx is pretty good about going to her crate but she lacks the speed that I would like her to have. I'll be doing crate games with her too. Her place will just be brushed up on because she is a not lying on the mat anymore but beside it.
  • Recall - Jinx likes to give the boxer "What's in it for me?" look. And when she does, it's really ssssslllloooooowwww. Everything Jinx does is slow :P
  • Emergency U-Turn - For use on walks. Jinx would rather follow me so I'd like to put it on cue.
  • Some Weird Issue That Will Suddenly Develop - Now, we all know Jinx is a big weirdo so she'll probably act weird and some crazy new annoying behavior will pop up within the year. Maybe, I'll tackle her food problems.

Please Share
What your training goals are for the summer. Do you have an issue that you are struggling through too?

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