Monday, June 24, 2013

Training Goals for Kratos This Summer (2013)

I’m just sitting here thinking about my training goals for Kratos this summer. I really want to set some concrete goals for this year even though not all of them will get done within the summer. It's just making me really really want to be in the new house. 
Here’s what I’m hoping will be accomplished with Kratos this summer:
  • Heeling-  Kratos is working on earning his Rally-o title and our CGC. Kratos is relatively good at staying close to me when regularly walking. He tends to lag behind or pull away from me if we walk too long.
  • Attention Work - I never really worked on attention with Kratos. I don't know why to be quite honest. I figure if we are going to work on his titles I might as well work on his attention to me while I'm doing it.
  • Front/Finish- Kratos is very very respectful of space. He already know front but it's about 2 ft away and if I'm leaning forward it can be upward of 5. So, I'll be cleaning that up and getting him to realize "front" is a perfectly good reason to invade my space. Finish just needs some cleaning up as well.
  • Moving Down- Kratos hasn't learned that yet so this should be good. He knows down at a distance and he knows recall so it shouldn't be hard to combine the two.
  • Nose Work - I'm going to be working with the 3 pups on Birch plus it will give them something to do and entertain their minds. Kratos know blood trailing and he knows shed hunting so it will be fun.
  • Go To Place - I'll be working on distance and speed for Kratos. He has an incredible place when distractions are added but he is a Mastiff so speed is slow and our distance from the mat slows him down even further.
  • Recall - Competition style of course!! And working on it in real life recalls as always. I never stop training my recalls
  • Off-leash work- I haven't been working on any off-leash stuff with Kratos because it makes my brother very nervous. Now, that Kratos lives with me and not with my brother. I've decided to start working on it so that I can take Kratos on off-leash hiking.
  • Some Weird Issue That Will Suddenly Develop - Kratos has had a good 6 years without serious problems. I doubt he will develop any serious odd issues.

Please Share
What your training goals are for the summer. Do you have an issue that you are struggling through too?

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